Welcome Back!

Introduction: Science and GoGuardian

Welcome to 6th grade Science with me, Mrs Harrenstein! Our first day of distance learning is Monday, September 21.
At the start of each class period, your teacher will invite you to join a GoGuardian video call. Please read the instructions below to ensure you are ready to start class.
If you have any questions as we prepare for distance learning, please email me at rharrenstein@junctioncity.k12.or.us

How to attend class on GoGuardian

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser on a computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Sign in to Google using your @jcsds.net account (not your personal account)
  • Your teacher will send an invitation to join a GoGuardian video call at the scheduled time. The call will automatically pop up on your screen if you are signed in using your school account on Google Chrome.

Oaklea Expectations

Be safe

Be respectful

Be responsible

6th Grade Classroom Norms

Be actively engaged (listening, participating, cooperating, on-task)

Be prepared (on time, materials ready, muted)

Be in a quiet, safe space (avoid distractions)

Be respectful (respect yourself, your peers, your teacher)

Be open to learning (growth mindset)

* * * * *
Science Unit 1: Claims, Evidence, Reasoning
Essential Question: How do you create a great scientific claim?  
Anchor materials: Mythbusters clips
Performance Task:  Bust your own myth