Video Conferencing Schedule Mistake

Hello all.  I realize some of my time slots were incorrect on my schedule for Wednesday's History class period ZOOM meetings.  I fixed the mistake on the schedule on my page but the error may still exist on other teacher pages.  My apologies.  I have put the meeting times and log in information on the calendar here on my teacher page as well as in Google Classroom.  
I have made my online curriculum available through Google Classroom.  I would like students to read the directions document in Google Classroom first.  I also made a video with a screen share to try and walk students through the etext and show them what to do.  It is less than exciting but I do have great hair in the video.  I will make a Kahoot available Wednesday to review material and an online quiz that can be retaken will be made available Thursday.  Let me know if there are questions.  Happy Monday!