Chris Surface » Welcome to Oaklea Physical Education!

Welcome to Oaklea Physical Education!

Hi everyone! Coach Surface here! So glad to return to school and begin the most important work of our lives. With the current state of the world it brings changes for us all. To start this year we will be meeting online instead of in the gym. 
This will bring us the opportunity to connect on more than physical skills and health related fitness. This year we will be covering important topics related to social, mental/emotional, and physical health. 

I hope that my students find online learning enriching and enjoyable and that my classroom is a place where everyone feels welcome and safe. I hope that everyone can find joy in their lives and that physical activity and healthy habits are practiced daily. Through this work I hope that my students can achieve a healthy balance in their lives and make informed decisions that positively impact themselves and others around them

7 Wonders of Coach Surface

  1. Sushi is my favorite

2. I love hiking and the outdoors

3. Ultimate Frisbee and Badminton RULE!!!
4. I enjoy board games

5. Quarantine revealed my cooking skills

6. I am left handed

7. I dislike the smell of vanilla
Join us for these daily Zoom Meetings:
1st period: 8:40-9:30 
2nd period: 9:40-10:10
3rd Period: 10:20 - 10:50 
4th Period: 11:00- 11:30 
5th Period: 11:40 - 12:10 
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