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6th Grade Resource Room

Joining Classes Monday Morning
1. Students should log in with their school account.
     If they are on a personal device, they need to log into google with their school account, have that account synced and the data linked, and be using the web browser Google Chrome.
2. I will invite students to join a video call with me through GoGuardian. All students need to so is to accept/join the call (the green button). A new screen will open and they will need to click another green button.
3. If for some reason GoGuardian is not working, I have posted a back up Zoom link in our google classroom. All of the students have been invited to our google classroom. 
Afternoon groups: If your student has an afternoon group with me, they have been invited to join a google classroom for that support session.
Please email of message me with questions. We can work through glitches together =)
Join our Google Classroom
On September 14th, I sent invitations to join our google classes to students via their school email address. They can join through that invitation. If they did not receive it for some reason, use the information below to join.
If your student has me on their schedule, then they will need to join my google classroom.
1. Make sure your student is logged into their school google account
2. Go to classroom.google.com
3. Click to plus symbol in the top right corner.
4. Select "join class"
5. Enter the class code for the subject
    Math - 6th Grade code: l3cfvls
    Language Arts - 6th Grade code: qd3wbax
6. Keep your name displayed as your real name. If there are names I don't recognize, I will remove them from the class.    
Use the link above to access our bitmoji classroom. It has embedded links to resources and helpful learning information. Later on I will include information specific to our classes and assignments.
When your cursor turns into a hand, the object it is on has an embedded link. Click to see where it takes you. If you click when your cursor is an arrow it will take you to the next slide. 
Our classroom has the following slides:
1. Home Room - with links to the other areas in our room as well as links to iReady, google classroom, and my contact information. 
2. Math area- math-related resources and games. 
3. Language Arts area - reading and vocabulary related resources and games
4. Growth Mindset area- Discover more about growth mindset through videos and stories
5. Mindfulness area- Learn about and practice mindfulness and enjoy some brain breaks
Stay tuned...more content coming soon!
Join us on Remind!
1. Start a new text message
2. Put 81010 as the number you are texting
3. In the message area put: @rm18oaklea
4. Hit send.
Then you will get a text confirmation. You do not need to download an app for your phone, even though Remind gives you that option.