Kendall Mack » Hello 8th Graders!

Hello 8th Graders!

Hello Oaklea 2020/21 8th Graders!
Welcome to the start of your 8th-grade year! I am Ms. Mack, your Health and P.E. teacher. The year is kicking off in Comprehensive Distance Learning, or CDL. This means that we will all be brushing up on our technology skills in addition to learning how to improve our health and fitness! I am really looking forward to navigating the year with you all.
You can reach out to me via email ( any time you have a question or need assistance; that's what I'm here for!
Remember, you are in control of you! Taking care of yourself should always be your #1 priority!
Meet your 8th grade teachers here with this fun FlipGrid video.
For a review of distance learning etiquette made by your teachers, click this link :)
Your Daily Online schedule:  
 *Week 1 and 2 DO NOT have ANY classes on Wednesday!!
 **Your HomeRoom teacher is also your first-period teacher. 
Monday through Friday

8:50-9:10       HomeRoom (20 minutes)   Online

9:10-9:40       Period 1 (30 minutes)        Online 

9:50-10:20     Period 2 (30 minutes)        Online

10:30-11:00   Period 3 (30 minutes)        Online

11:10-11:40   Period 4 (30 minutes)        Online

11:50-12:20.  Period 5 (30 minutes)        Online

How to add a Google Classroom:
1. Click "SUBSCRIBE"  on the right and fill in the information. 
  • Make sure you use your real first and last name so I know who you are!
  • Please add a phone number that you can be reached at between 8 am-3 pm M-F
2. Next, find your Google Classroom below code and copy it or write it down- You'll need this in a minute.

*please be sure to use the correct class code for your class period*

Homeroom xduinui
1st Period addypup
2nd Period qubeouf
3rd Period
4th Period abp7kgf
5th Period xcuh7en


3. Now, click on your assigned 3rd trimester class period link below on my teacher page. This will open up a new screen asking for your Google login information. You MUST use your JCSD student login to login to Google (see below if you can't remember your login and passwords)
4. Then, it will say class not found and prompt you to add or create a class. Click the plus sign next to the Google Suite icon (nine little dots in the upper right) and add the class code designated for your class. 
By subscribing and adding your classes you will be able to access all of your school materials through Google from now on and will not need to visit OMS teacher pages. When I post new materials you should also receive emails letting you know new materials have been added. 
username = first
My login would be
*Remember if you have a sibling or another student with the same initial and last name you may need to add a 1 to the end of your last name OR remove the .  between your initials. 
password = your lunch #+jc OR your lunch #+jcsd (EX: 123456jc OR 123456jcsd)
Still can't get it to work?  EMAIL ME!