Special Education Teacher grades 7 and 8 Randi Doggett » WELCOME! Glad you are here!!

WELCOME! Glad you are here!!

Online Meeting Etiquette Overview:

  1. Mute your microphone upon entry if not already done for you.   Keep it muted unless you are called on.
  2. Be there on time
  3. Stay and participate as long as possible for you- We understand you may have to leave early and that is okay (Family responsibilities)
  4. Check your environment for items inappropriate for school (language, images, objects).  Keep it safe and respectful.
  5. If your connection is weak, move as close to the modem/router as possible
  6. If you would like to speak, signal so by “raising your hand” through Zoom. If you are disruptive to the class you may be removed from the Zoom chat for a quick regroup, you may reenter the meeting when invited by the teacher. 
  7. If you are removed a second time because of disruptive or inappropriate behavior, you will be removed from the meeting and not allowed to return to that session. 

Tips for a better online video quality:

  1. Limit other streaming happening during the call- don’t have other windows open on your computer.
  2. Avoid backlighting (make sure light is hitting your face, not your back)
  3. Wear headphones to block out other noises
  4. Speak slowly and enunciate your words
  5. Try to be in a place away from siblings, TV, or other noise distractions. 

Remember, we are all learning together, so expectations and procedures will probably change in the coming weeks.  Thank you for your flexibility!

YOUR GOOGLE LOGIN INFO: Be sure to always sign in to your google classrooms through your Junction City google accounts, not private ones!!

username = first lastname@jcsds.net (so mine would be r.doggett@jcsds.net)

password = your lunch #+jc OR your lunch #+jcsd (mine would be 8675309jc OR 8675309jcsd)