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The sites contained on our Curriculum Page have been carefully screened for suitability for a Middle School audience, however there is always the possibility of a site's content being overlooked, modified, or linked to another site that would be inappropriate for this age group. As in the viewing of all types of media, parental or adult supervision is always recommended.

EasyCBM Discovery Education

General Resources
Help with Bibliographies
This site will help you cite your sources.

Homework Spot
Get help in different subjects.

Public Agenda Online
A great site for social issues; each topic includes recent news stories.

PBS Programming & Teacher Resources
Excellent site for students and teachers.

Reference Websites
Various websites to help find information about a variety of things.

Educational Games
Links to all sorts of games to help you in school.

Reading Strategies
This site contains strategies to improve reading skills.

History and Biographies Back to Top

Historical Sites

Miscellaneous Historical Sites

Just some basic historical sites about a variety of topics.


General Biographies of famous people in history.

The Revolutionary War
Multiple Time Lines of the Revolutionary War.

Civil War

Colonial Times

The Middle Ages (Medieval Times)

The Renaissance

U.S. History

Geography and Culture    Back to Top

States of the U.S.

States and Capitals
Interactive site that teaches students states and capitals.

I Like to Learn
This site helps students learn countries and states with interactive maps.

Nation Master
A massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. This page also contains a link to a site that allows you to compare states.

This page has links to help you translate web pages into Spanish and sites that teach proper Spanish grammar.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Persuasive Topics

Ancient Latin and South America
Latin and South American Indian cultures such as the Inca, Mayan, and Aztec empires.


Science, Math   Back to Top

Math Sites
This page contains links to several great sites that will help students improve their Math skills.

BBC Animal Page
Excellent pages with facts and pictures about many animals.

Information and pictures, even movie clips, of nearly every species on Earth. Awesome site!

National Geographic Animals
This site contains great information on many species of animals and includes video and sound clips.

WWF Endangered Species Page
A site that focuses on animals around the world that are endangered.

Fraction Games
This site includes different games and activities designed for helping students learn about fractions.

Create A Graph
Very useful site that allows students to create many different types of graphs.

National Center for Education Statistics
This site helps students explore careers in Mathematics. Also a program that allows students to create graphs.

7th Grade Life Science Textbook Webpage
More activities to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom textbook.

Virginia Math and Science Practice Tests
This is an excellent site for practicing standardized tests and includes help menus which demonstrate correct processes.

National Library of Visual Manipulatives
This is an interactive site that helps students understand math concepts using manipulatives.

University of Oregon Museum of Natural History

Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Mouse Mobile Competition
6th Grade Science Project on how to create cars from Mouse Traps. Visit Dr. Fizzix's Science Page for ideas.

Food and Nutrition
Home Economics Links.

Autumn Leaves
Why leaves change colors.




Science Research Links.

All about Snails #1
All you'd want to know about snails.

Roller Coaster Links

Art, Literature, & Writing    Back to Top


The works of William Shakespeare

Persuasion Map
Great tool for visually mapping arguments.

Free Rice
Great site that donates rice to the UN World Food Program for correct answers to vocabulary questions.

Selected poems and poet web pages.

Typing Program
A good site for learning to type. It's free and includes many lessons.

Sports    Back to Top
Track and Field
US Olympic Team for Kids

The Calorie Counter
This page has thousands of kinds of food and the number of calories they contain.