Everett Davis » Welcome


Hello Everyone,


My name is Everett Davis. I grew up in a small town outside of Portland, so I feel very at home in small, tight-knit communities such as Junction City. Growing up, I loved music. Some of my first memories were attempting — probably not very successfully — to play various musical instruments. In middle school and high school I played in band, sang in choir, and acted in musicals; I ran track and cross country. I also did Taekwondo for nine years, and have a second degree blackbelt. 


I went to college at University of Oregon. While at University of Oregon, I played horn in their bands and orchestras, and sang in choir. I was also the assistant teacher and conductor of the Campus Orchestra and the Horn Ensemble. Currently, I sing in the Eugene Symphony Orchestra Chorus. In addition to teaching music at Oaklea I also teach private lessons on French horn. 


I’m beyond excited to work with you all at this year.


Mr. Davis.