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Welcome to my page! Here are all our links to my Google Classes and the grade level online meeting schedules. Please stay tuned as things will be posted each week. Included are weekly to-do checklists for each class. If there is anything you ever need, please reach out. I'm here to help!


7th Grade Online Meeting Times

7th Grade Online Meeting Times

  Mon Tue  Wed  Thurs  Fri   
8:00:00 AM            
8:30:00 AM            
9:00:00 AM            
9:30:00 AM            
10:00:00 AM S Johnson A-C   Tedrick A-C R Davis A-C TEAM 7   
10:30:00 AM S Johnson D-H     R Davis D-H TEAM 7  
11:00:00 AM   Tomcal A-C Tedrick D-H      
11:30:00 AM   Tomcal D-H        
12:00:00 PM     Tedrick I-O      
12:30:00 PM            
1:00:00 PM   Doggett 7 Tedrick P-Z R Davis I-O    
1:30:00 PM       R Davis P-Z    
2:00:00 PM S Johnson I-O Tomcal I-O        
2:30:00 PM S Johnson P-Z Tomcal P-Z        
3:00:00 PM            
3:30:00 PM