Raquel Cope » Online PE Meeting Etiquette

Online PE Meeting Etiquette


  1. MICROPHONE:  Mute your microphone upon entry if not already done for you.   Keep it muted unless you are called on.
  2. ON TIME:  Be there on time.  
  3. USE REAL NAMES:  Please use your real first and last name.  You will not get admitted into the meeting if not.  This is one way we will take attendance.  
  4. RECORDING:  The meetings will be recorded.  You do not need to have the “video” on during the session.  It is optional.  
  5. PARTICIPATION:  Stay and participate as long as possible for you- We understand you may have to leave early and that is okay (Family responsibilities).
  6. ENVIRONMENT:  Check your environment for items inappropriate for school (language, images, objects).  
  7. SAFE SPACE:  Make your space safe for movement and remove any dangerous objects.  During the physical activity portion please do your personal best in being active.
  8. WEAK SIGNAL:  If your connection is weak, move as close to the modem/router as possible.
  9. QUESTIONS:  If you would have a question, signal so by “raising your hand” through Zoom. You can also ask questions through the “Chat”.  As the “host” Mr. Surface will answer any questions.
  10. DISRUPTION:  If you are disruptive to the class you may be removed from the Zoom chat for a quick regroup, you may reenter the meeting when invited by the teacher. If you are removed a second time because of disruptive or inappropriate behavior, you will be removed from the meeting and not allowed to return to that session.