Raquel Cope » VIDEO LIBRARY: "Brain Breaks/Physical Activity Breaks"

VIDEO LIBRARY: "Brain Breaks/Physical Activity Breaks"

Brain breaks/physical activity breaks are perfect for this time of Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)!  Do one of these exercises whenever you want a morning stretch, are in between classes, need a break from studying, or need to relieve some stress. 
Go here for PE Videos - Mrs. Aloha Spirit 🌺- PE Youtube Channel:  https://bit.ly/3n1Gpi6

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"Yoga" - Balance Poses
"Clock" 🕰️ (for your legs) - {Shout out to Aurora -Period 2 for the idea! 💡)

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

"Better When I'm Dancing" Dance (To skip tutorial, go directly to 3:15)
Dynamic Warm Ups (6 minutes)
Piriformis Stretch
The Chicken Dance
Right Brain/Left Brain
Mindful Minute
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Neck Rolls
Shoulder Rolls
Shoulder Blade Squeeze
Arm Circles
Seated Stretch
Wrist & Forearm Stretches